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Residence Visas
  • Skilled Migrant Category
  • Straight to Residence
  • Residence from Work
  • Highly Paid
  • Partnership Resident Visa
  • Dependent Child Resident Visa
  • Parent / Grandparent Resident Visa
  • Permanent Resident Visa
Visitor Visas
  • General Visitor Visa
  • Family/relationship-based Visitor Visa
  • Business Visitor Visa
Work Visas
  • Accredited Employer Work Visa
  • Specific Purpose Work Visa
  • Partnership Work Visa
  • Working Holiday Visa
Student Visas
  • Fee-paying Student Visa
  • Dependent Child Work Visa
Other Visa solutions
  • Varying visa conditions
  • Medical / Character waivers
  • Special cases and appeals
  • Visa progress tracking
  • Response to Immigration New Zealand (PPI/RFI)

Work Visas

Individuals with the sought-after skills required to improve New Zealand’s economy and workforce are in high demand. Workers seeking a New Zealand visa can sign up to our visa services. Get certainty on your immigration route to New Zealand.

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Residence Visas

Wide open spaces, affordable housing and a sunny climate are just some of the reasons why New Zealand residency is at such a premium.

New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category, encourages individuals with identified skills and capabilities to migrate to New Zealand and enjoy the lifestyle that New Zealand is renowned for.

Permanent residents can live, work and study without restriction in New Zealand with most of the rights and entitlements of a citizen.

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Family Visas

There is a multitude of options depending on your specific circumstances. Each subclass has very specific criteria. Our Licensed Immigration Advisers can ensure the correct pathway to avoid unnecessary cost and time.

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Student Visas

With Covid now in the past, New Zealand is open and education institutes are welcoming students back again.

Our beautiful country, with a world leading education system provides a true international experience and a balanced lifestyle.

Studying in New Zealand can even lead to a new life here. We help many students obtain employment and work visas so they can remain after their education is complete. We go beyond to support your New Zealand dream.

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