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Although NZ borders are closed some border exemptions are being allowed for critical workers. We are accepting applications for critical workers, and we are also accepting applications for people in anticipation that the border will open. If you want to move to New Zealand, you must have a job offer. We specialise in helping overseas applicants navigate their way to New Zealand.

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Mechanical Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

Mechanical Engineering Jobs in New Zealand

Are you looking for new mechanical engineering jobs in New Zealand?  The demand for mechanical engineers in New Zealand is high due to a strong building and construction sector, a strengthening manufacturing sector, and growing demand from the agriculture sector.

As there aren’t enough qualified mechanical engineers in New Zealand, skilled workers from overseas are encouraged to apply for these positions.  Start browsing Working In today to discover some of the best mechanical engineering jobs in New Zealand for foreigners.


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Search Mechanical Engineering Vacancies

To find new vacancies for mechanical engineers, use the helpful Working In search tool to match your requirements.  You can filter jobs according to city, region, company name, salary range or experience level to find a selection of roles best suited to your lifestyle and individual needs. 

International applications are welcome if you are qualified to work in New Zealand.  As the job appears on the Immigration New Zealand Long-term Skill Shortage List, the chances of getting a job as a full-time mechanical engineer are high.  Start applying today and your next role could be with a leading New Zealand company!

Graduate Mechanical Engineering Jobs

To get a full-time job as a mechanical engineer in New Zealand, you usually need to have a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).  You can find new graduate mechanical engineering jobs using the Working In search tool.  Some New Zealand employers may also hire people who have a diploma in Engineering, along with relevant work experience.

Useful work experience includes any work involving engines or machines, electrical work, experience with tools, technical drawing, and work in the engineering or construction industries.  Search our vacancies for mechanical engineers today to find a graduate role suited to your skills and experience.

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